The Death Of E3, Tekken 8 Preview, Fortnite Ch. 5, Apollo Justice Trilogy | GI Show

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This episode of The Game Informer Show podcast sees returning guest Jesse Vitelli (@jessevitelli) join host Marcus Stewart and editors Brian Shea and Charles Harte to discuss the official demise of E3 and its impact over the years. Brian also breaks down his time spent playing Tekken 8’s bonkers story mode, and Charles Harte takes the stand to talk about playing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy while quizzing the editors on their Ace Attorney character knowledge. Jesse and Charles also share their time spent in Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 1’s new offerings such as Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and Lego Fortnite. 

The Game Informer Show is a weekly gaming podcast covering the latest video game news, industry topics, exclusive reveals, and reviews. Join host Alex Van Aken every Thursday to chat about your favorite games – past and present – with Game Informer staff, developers, and special guests from around the industry. Listen on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favorite podcast app.

The Game Informer Show – Podcast Timestamps:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:26 – The Death Of E3
00:39:27 – Game Awards Redux
00:53:27 – Tekken 8 Preview
01:05:42 – Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1
01:29:39 – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy Preview
01:38:54 – Ace Attorney Name Game
01:45:32 – Housekeeping and Listener Questions

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