Ed Punches A Hole Into Street Fighter 6 Next Month

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Street Fighter 6 is getting its third DLC fighter in February, and the psycho-powered boxer Ed is next in line. 

Although Ed was first introduced in Street Fighter IV, he didn’t become a playable fighter until Street Fighter V (included in the Season 2 roster of characters). The protege of Balrog sports the same psycho powers that M. Bison wielded, but he thankfully isn’t an evil mastermind. That doesn’t make him any less brutal, though, and you can watch him clear a subway car full of Mad Gear gang members in the cinematic trailer below. 

Ed joins Street Fighter 6 as the third fighter in the Year 1 character pass alongside the previously released Rashid and A.K.I. (leaving Akuma as the final Year 1 fighter) and will appear in the story-driven World Tour mode too. For more, check out Game Informer’s Street Fighter 6 review and see where it ranked in our Top 10 Games of 2023.

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