Fighting Sharks And Hunting Trees In Skull And Bones | GI Live

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Skull and Bones is finally out today. Let’s play the opening hour and see if it is worth wait. Reportedly, the game began development as early as 2013 and spent a few years as an Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag spinoff before turning into Black Flag MMO, before finally emerging as a standalone game announcement in 2017. In the six years since its announcement we’ve seen teases of it here and there, had chances to play in various betas and alphas, and it even appeared on our cover in 2022. Skull and Bones has been a long time coming, but today everyone is finally able to play it. Our full review isn’t ready quite yet, but you can  read Matt Miller’s positive early impressions so far by heading here. You can also check out an hour of gameplay below.

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