Game Informer Now Offering Standalone Subscriptions

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For the first time, the longrunning video game magazine Game Informer, which is owned by GameStop, is offering standalone subscriptions.

For $19.91 per year, you’ll get 10 issues of the magazine delivered to your mailbox, in addition to a digital copy of each installment. Previously, Game Informer was only available via a GameStop Pro subscription or by purchasing individual issues.

If you’re interested in subscribing for longer, Game Informer’s new standalone edition offers two years and 20 issues for $35, which is a slightly better value.

It’s also possible to “gift” a subscription to the new Game Informer standalone offering. Head to Game Informer’s website to learn more and place an order for yourself or a friend.

“We understand it hasn’t been the easiest to get a copy of Game Informer’s print edition shipped to you outside of buying single issues,” Game Informer said in a statement.

The magazine said it’s been working on the new standalone offering for months already, with the aim of giving people a “no-hassle” option to subscribe and support the editors directly.

“We love having one of the longest-running magazines in gaming, and this hopefully will enable us to carry on this legacy for many more years to come,” Game Informer said.

Game Informer’s parent company, GameStop, laid off staff at the magazine in 2022 and in the years that followed. The company’s share price soared in 2021 in a “short-squeeze” situation led by Reddit investors. GameStop’s share price has come back down since, but is still up more than 500% in the past five years.

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