Here’s A First Look At Amazon Prime’s Fallout Series

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After a series of vague teasers and press releases, we finally have a first real look at what Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV series is going to look like, courtesy of Vanity Fair. The images showcase all the classic iconography you’d expect from the series, including vaults, ghouls, and power armor.

Ella Purnell as Lucy

The Vanity Fair article goes on to give us the first concrete details of the show, thanks to an interview with co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, who also created Westworld. The series will star Ella Purnell as Lucy, a “doe-eyed” woman who emerges from her vault with naivete and optimism but is forced to face the horrors of the wasteland. 

“Lucy is charming and plucky and strong,” Nolan says. “And then you see she’s confronted with the reality of, hey, maybe the supposedly virtuous things you grew up with are not necessarily that virtuous. If they are virtuous, they’re couched in a circumstantial virtuousness. It’s a luxury virtue. You have your point of view because you never ran out of food, right? You guys were able to share everything—because you had enough to share.” These harsh realities were drawn directly from the themes that drive the game series.

The show will also give us a closer look at Vault Boy, Fallout’s animated mascot, giving him an origin story of sorts. According to Todd Howard himself, “That was something that they came up with that’s just really smart.” He says the show does a good job of balancing the franchise’s signature comedy and violence.

Howard spoke to Vanity Fair on the creation of the show as well, saying he’s done lots of meetings about potential adaptations over the years, but nothing ever felt right. Once they were getting serious about it, he threw out a dream creator he wanted to work with. “I’d said to somebody—and I won’t say who—but I was taking a meeting with another producer, and said: ‘Before I talk to other people, I want to hear that Jonah Nolan says he’ll never do it.’” Obviously, Howard’s dream came true.

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul

And while we had an idea of who had been cast in the show, we now know what roles they’ll be playing. Moises Arias plays Lucy’s brother and Kyle MacLachlan is their father and the overseer of Vault 33. Out in the wasteland, Aaron Moten plays a squire in the Brotherhood of Steel, Sarita Choudhury is an unspecified leader, Michael Emerson is an “enigmatic researcher” named Wilzig, and Walton Goggins plays a ghoul, one of Fallout’s radiated, noseless people. The Ghoul, as his character is called, is identified as one of the main leads, alongside Moten and Purnell’s characters. The Ghoul is identified as the cynical foil to Lucy’s innocent character.

You can check out the rest of the images from the show below.


[Source: Vanity Fair

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