How Games Get Reloads Right (feat. Hyper, Kommander Karl & Jeditobiwan) – Loadout – Loadout

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Though they might seem like an everyday part of games, as technology has advanced reloading has become a tool for storytelling in games like Overwatch, gameplay balance in competitive shooters like Counter-Strike or Valorant, or simply as a source of sheer satisfaction.

In this episode of Loadout, Dave Jewitt visits the Royal Armouries to talk to Keeper of Firearms & Artillery Jonathan Ferguson to uncover the real world influences behind some of your favorite gaming reloads, chats to Expert Animator Ranon ‘Hyper’ Sarono about his career animating weapons in games like Apex Legends and Titanfall 2, and speaks to content creators Kommander Karl and Jeditobiwan, whose comedy reloads have brought joy to millions of viewers.

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