League Of Legends Reveals New Champion Briar, The Restrained Hunger

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Riot has revealed a new champion that will be joining the League of Legends roster in September–Briar, the Restrained Hunger. A failed experiment with a lust for blood, Briar’s playstyle is all about a strategic loss of control as she gives in to a feeding frenzy.

Created using blood magic by the Noxian cabal the Black Rose, Briar’s lust for blood was so strong that she failed in her purpose as an assassin–she would simply kill too many people alongside her target. After multiple failures, she was restrained in a magical pillory that dampens her bloodlust and clears her mind.

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Despite learning how to loosen the magical restraints, Briar liked the clarity the pillory brought, and used her time in captivity to learn about the people around her–and herself. Briar’s current situation sees her having broken free of her captivity, determined to find an identity for herself that is more than just a mindless killing machine.

When it comes to her kit, Briar is built around the concept of a “willful loss of control,” being able to enter a frenzied state at will. The blood motif also runs strongly through Briar’s abilities, with her passive applying a stacking bleed that will also heal her for a portion of the damage dealt. Mobility is also prioritized in Briar’s kit, with her frenzied state buffing move speed and attack speed. Her full kit is detailed below.

Briar will be added into the game as of Patch 13.18, which drops on September 13.


Passive – Crimson Curse

Briar’s attacks and abilities apply a stacking bleed that heals her for a portion of the damage dealt. Perpetually hungry, she gains increased healing based on her missing health but lacks innate health regeneration.

She will also heal for any remaining bleed damage when a bleeding enemy dies.

Q – Head Rush

Briar leaps to a unit dealing damage as well as stunning them and breaking their armor.

Briar will stop prioritizing enemy Champions if she casts this ability on a minion or monster during the effects of Blood Frenzy.

W – Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack

Briar leaps forward and shatters her pillory, entering a Blood Frenzy that causes her to relentlessly pursue the nearest enemy (prioritizing champions). While frenzied she gains increased Attack Speed and Move Speed and her attacks deal damage in an area around her target.

Briar can reactivate this ability while frenzied to take a CHOMP out of her target on the next attack, dealing additional damage based on their missing health and healing her based on the damage dealt.

E – Chilling Scream

Briar refocuses her mind, removing Blood Frenzy and channeling energy into a powerful scream that damages and slows enemies.

While charging she takes reduced damage and heals for a portion of her max health. A fully charged scream knocks back, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies that hit a wall.

R – Certain Death

Briar kicks a hemolith, marking the first champion hit as her prey. She then belines straight to them, fearing other surrounding enemies on arrival, and enters a state of complete hematomania.

She will pursue her prey until one of them dies, gaining the effects of Blood Frenzy as well as additional Armor, Magic Resist, Lifesteal, and Move Speed.

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