Leaked Microsoft Schedule Mentions Dishonored 3, Ghostwire Tokyo Sequel; Oblivion And Fallout 3 Remasters

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An old release schedule leaked in documents released for the FTC v. Microsoft trial mentions a number of unnanounced games including Dishonored 3, a Ghostwire Tokyo sequel, Doom Year Zero, and Fallout 3 and Oblivion remasters.

As posted by Wario64, the leaked document shows an old ZeniMax release schedule that lists a number of major titles we already know about–such as Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6–alongside a handful that have never been announced.

The unannounced games include a third game in the Dishonored series, despite recent reports that Deathloop was developed due to Bethesda turning down Dishonored 3. A Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel also appears on the schedule, which appears to have been greenlit while the original game was still in development. A new Doom title named Year Zero is also on the list, along with two lots of DLC–suggesting it’s planned to be a major title.

Two of Bethesda’s most loved older RPGs, Fallout 3 and Oblivion, are also on the list for a remake, with both original titles over 15 years old now.

Notably the release schedule appears to be from before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, with games still aiming for their pre-pandemic release dates–such as Starfield slated for 2021, or Elder Scrolls 6 still expected in 2024. Most of the unannounced games are on the schedule for financial year 2024, which means we likely won’t see any of them until 2026 or later. Its also possible the titles have been quietly cancelled or shelved since this schedule was current, but we’re holding out hope that the titles still exist behind the scenes somewhere.

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