Lego Fortnite Features Crafting, Survival, Combat, And More In New Cinematic Trailer

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Alongside the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 1, Epic Games revealed Lego Fortnite, a new experience that takes the familiarity of Fortnite and mashes it together with Lego for a new survival adventure experience. Today, Epic Games and Lego released a cinematic trailer for Lego Fortnite that reveals crafting, combat, multiplayer team-ups, a massive world to explore, and more. 

The trailer begins with a standard Fortnite character – Brite Bomber – running into a reality-shifting rift that transports her to a Lego-fied world. There are Lego sheep, castle-like structures, rolling hills and plains, and, unfortunately for this character, a storm. She runs into the castle to discover a crafting bench of sorts where she crafts an axe, and that’s where her survival adventure begins.

Check out the Lego Fortnite cinematic trailer for yourself below

As you can see, after crafting an axe, she creates a cabin for shelter, a pen for the Lego sheep, an entire garden, and a bonfire to cook some food. It’s not long before banana character Peely (also Lego-fied) shows up, and after hearing the howls of some nearby wolves, the two craft some weapons. From here, the duo meets two others, and together, all four of them set off on a survival adventure that brings them over snowy mountains, into a desert, and eventually, into a cavernous mine where they run into deadly skeletons and a massive monster. 

The trailer’s cinematics end there, cutting to a Lego Fortnite title screen that reveals the new experience goes live in Fortnite tomorrow, December 7. 

Lego Fortnite is just one of three new Fortnite experiences revealed alongside Chapter 5 of the Battle Royale mode. Also joining the Fortnite multiverse of experiences is Rocket Racing, a new racing mode, and Fortnite Festival, a new music-centric experience. 

Are you excited for Lego Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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