Microsoft Reveals Xbox Series X Console Wraps, Starting With Special Starfield Edition

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Microsoft has revealed new console wraps for the Xbox Series X. 

These wraps work similarly to Sony’s PlayStation 5 console covers, allowing players to change the console’s cosmetic look without buying an entirely new one. Instead of sliding covers off like with the PS5, Xbox’s solution is to wrap the cosmetic change around the console, hence the name. The company has revealed three wraps to kick off the product, including a special edition Starfield wrap. 

“The Starfield-inspired console wrap reimagines your console as an on-board avionics module, powering you through your adventures,” an Xbox blog post reads. “Key internal console components are highlighted through outlined access panel and game-inspired graphics. Technical callouts detail actual console functionality, with an in-game twist.”

Xbox says this wrap has a “soft, smooth white high-tech feel” with painted-on tactile graphics. On the inside of the wrap, you’ll find a fabric that “has a soft precision sheen, with a silicone gravity wave print for cling and stability.” The Starfield wrap launches in the U.S., Canada, and Europe on October 18. It will cost $49.99. 

If the Starfield wrap isn’t your style, Microsoft also announced two more warps: Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo. The former is white, with touches of dark gray and a lighter grey for a neutral, arctic look, while the latter is blue, with hues of purple and teal mixed in. Like the Starfield wrap, the inside features a soft fabric. These wraps will launch in the U.S. and Canada on November 10, but only the Mineral Camo will launch in Europe that day. They will cost $44.99 each. 

It’s clear from the name and videos Microsoft released that the wrap envelops the console, but it’s somewhat unclear exactly how. It seems like it wraps around the console and stays without using screws or some kind of sticky product. 

While waiting for your wrap to arrive, check out the recently revealed Stormcloud Vapor Xbox controller and then read about how Starfield went gold last week. And in case you missed it, check out everything we learned about Starfield from this summer’s Starfield Direct. 

Are you going to pick up any of these wraps? Let us know in the comments below!

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