Nintendo Switch Joy-Con And Pro Controllers Get Rare Discounts At Walmart

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First-party Nintendo Switch controllers aren’t cheap, and they don’t commonly receive meaningful discounts. The Switch Pro Controller clocks in at $70 and a pair of Joy-Con are more expensive at $80. Things are a bit better today, however, as several great Switch controllers are discounted at Walmart, including a nice $10 discount on the Switch Pro Controller and a massive $16 discount (very rare) on the Pastel Purple/Green and Pastel Pink/Yellow controllers.

Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controller deals

Before going any further, it’s worth noting that these products are being sold by third-party retailers via the Walmart website. The orders are fulfilled by Walmart and all of the sellers have high ratings–one of the main sellers is rated by Walmart as a “Pro Seller,” which indicates they have a history of selling quality gear and creating an overall positive shopping experience. Since they are fulfilled by Walmart, they also come with a free 30-day return policy–which should give you peace of mind.

Pastel Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers

Nabbing a Switch Pro Controller for $60 is a pretty great deal, as it rarely drops below its standard $70 price tag. With motion controls, HD rumble, amiibo support, and a great ergonomic design, it’s ideal for pretty much every game in the Switch library. For a Switch Pro Controller alternative, be sure to check out the 8BitDo Pro 2, which is also on sale right now for $40.

If you need a new set of Joy-Con, the Pastel Purple + Pastel Green and Pastel Pink + Pastel Yellow pairings are on sale for $64 each (down from $80). Additionally, you can pick between three different neon Joy-Con models for $67 each, including Neon Purple + Neon Orange, Neon Blue + Neon Yellow, and Neon Green + Neon Pink.

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