Payday 3: Starbreeze Says Matchmaking Issues Fixed, First Update Hits This Month

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Payday 3 finally launched last month, more than six years after its initial reveal in 2017. We quite enjoyed it, and you can find out why in Game Informer’s Payday 3 review. Despite our enjoyment, many players encountered severe matchmaking issues that made it tough to play the game given its always-online nature. Now, just under two weeks after the game’s launch, developer Starbeeze Studios says the matchmaking issues are fixed. 

The team has also revealed the game’s first update will launch this month. Plus, Starbreeze says more than 3.1 million unique players played the game last month, with the peak concurrent player count hitting 124,254. Starbreeze “will now intensify the commercial activities around Payday 3, after partially pausing these during the previous week,” it says, with plans for the first post-launch update to go live early this month. 

In the coming months, the studio has updates planned to address content, quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and new functionality. Here’s a look at the planned updates timeline: 

  • October: 200+ quality-of-life improvements for all platforms
  • October/November: quality-of-life improvements, new content, and new functionality
  • November: quality-of-life improvements, new content, and new functionality
  • Winter 2023: The DLC “Syntax Error” on sale (including in Silver and Gold editions of the game)

Starbreeze says in addition to these planned updates, platform-specific updates will also hit the game. 

“First and foremost, I would like to thank our players for the patience they have shown us,” Starbreeze Entertainment CEO Tobias Sjögren writes in an update. “Our community is the engine that drives both our games and our company forward. I don’t really need to repeat that this was not the start we wanted, but at the same time, our business model is a marathon and not a sprint and we will tirelessly continue to build Payday 3 bigger and better to deliver the greatest possible value for our players.” 

For more, read Game Informer’s Payday 3 review. 

Did you encounter Payday 3 matchmaking issues? Let us know if they’re fixed for you in the comments below!

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