The Office Star Shares Heartwarming Note He Received From A Flight Attendant

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The Office star Rain Wilson, who played Dwight on the workplace comedy series, has shared a nice story about a flight attendant who left him a handwritten note on a napkin telling him how much they loved the series and what it meant to them.

A flight attendant named Melanie from Alaska Airlines dropped the note onto Wilson’s lap, apparently without him seeing it happen, and he shared the message on social media. In it, Melanie wrote, “The Office got me through some of the darkest days of my life. I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Wilson said he is “so humbled” to have starred on The Office, a show that “affected, touched, comforted, and inspired. And continues to do so!”

“It’s so f**king rare. A continuous Thank you to the whole Office family, cast, writers, crew and especially AUDIENCE!” he said, going on to say people should not think this is an open invitation for people to leave notes for him on napkins.

The Office ran for nine seasons on NBC from 2005-2013. The show continues to be popular thanks to its availability through streaming via Peacock. It used to be on Netflix until the company was outbid on the streaming rights.

The show is not getting a reboot, but Greg Daniels recently opened a writer’s room to explore ideas for a spinoff series that could be about a different company in a different city with a new cast.

In other places around the world, like Australia, The Office has already been remade with new casts.

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