Xbox Series X Seagate Storage Expansion Cards Get Big Discounts For Black Friday

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Xbox Series X|S has accumulated quite the lineup of great games over the past few years. And while that’s great news for gamers, it’s not so great for your built-in SSD. It doesn’t take much to reach the capacity of your Xbox, especially if you have Xbox Game Pass. If you’re pushing the limit, consider upgrading your console with the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which is steeply discounted for Black Friday. Seagate’s Expansion Card is just one of two options to expand your Xbox Series X|S storage, and these storage devices are rarely on sale.

Performance is indistinguishable from your Xbox’s native SSD, and it supports Quick Resume–allowing you to bounce between titles without delay. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

If you want the 2TB capacity, Seagate’s Expansion Card is your only option. For 1TB, however, you can also grab the WD Black C50 Expansion Card for $125 (down from $150). Western Digital’s card is also officially licensed.

It’s important to stress that Seagate’s and Western Digital’s Xbox Expansion Cards are the only options for expanding your storage without concessions. Though the Xbox Series X|S supports traditional portable drives, such as this discounted Starfield-themed Seagate drive, you can only store Xbox Series X games on external drives. To play the games, you’ll have to transfer them to your internal SSD. That’s why the expansion cards, which let you play all your games, are such notable deals.

Xbox Expansion Cards are just one of many Xbox products on sale for Black Friday 2023. Below, you’ll find lists for the best Xbox controller deals and best Xbox game deals.

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